• Homework Help

    Homework and tests are the main factors that determine a student's final grade in a course. If a student simply needs someone to guide them with their homework, we are there to help explain what they do not understand a teacher marks it wrong.
  • ​New York State Tests

    Rapid Results ensures that children in 1st through 8th grade pass the subject tests they may need to move onto the next grade.
  • Accountability Sessions

    There are some students that possess the ability to get an A or B in a class or test. However, they let it slip their grasp simply by not handing in homework or putting aside time to study. At Rapid Results, we show kids the value of learning and organization. We believe that even the underachieving child possesses the power to be intelligent.
  • NY State Regents Exams

    For some middle and high schools students, the word ‘Regents’ is a dreadful and difficult mandatory test that they would hop the New York state border to avoid. Be it Spanish, Science, Math, History, or English, Rapid Results will not only fully prep them for test day but make that word one of triumph rather fear!
  • SAT/ACT/PSAT Exams

    Yes, a three hour and 45 minute determines where a student goes to college! We offer personalized programs during the summer and school year to achieve the highest possible score.
  • Summer Program

    Some parents want their children to be prepared and ready for the upcoming school year. Rapid Results gives students a “leg up” by giving them an overview of their next academic year.
  • GED® Program

    As the nation’s unemployment rate remains high, greater access to higher education is imperative to position non-traditional learners for meaningful employment in today’s highly competitive job market. With more than 39 million U.S. adults without a high school credential, the GED® test is an important gateway that we at Rapid Results are committed to help others succeed in for college and beyond.

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